Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem 3D immersive experience

The ‘Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem 3D immersive experience’ project consists of the 3D laser scanning, as-is 3D modelling, and the immersive exploration of the oldest pub in England (1189 AD). This Grade II listed (Historic England, ref.: 1271192) historic inn is located in Nottingham city centre, by and under Castle Rock, the natural sandstone promontory where Nottingham Castle is built. Thus, part of the pub is carved from cave chambers that belong to a wider network of caves in the area. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is also famous for the mysteries, haunted tales, and peculiarities that you will have to discover yourself on your next visit to the pub. Press enter and enjoy this immersive experience.

The technologies and processes implemented in the project include terrestrial laser scanning, structured-light scanning, 3D point cloud-based modelling of geometrical alterations, 3D mesh modelling, Building Information Modelling, exploration models, fly-through videos, and Virtual Reality. The ‘Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem 3D immersive experience’ project was developed by 4D Virtual Lab Ltd and Dr. Daniel Antón in a collaboration under the ‘Live Experiential & Digital Diversification in Nottingham’ (LEADD:NG) programme (Project PI from NTU: Professor Amin Al-Habaibeh), part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, University of Nottingham, and Nottingham Trent University. It can be experienced using the arrow keys on your keyboard a controller or a VR headset.